About 745 inc

745 Inc. is the artistic legacy of Ron Lee, Founder and CEO and houses his creative intellectual and artistic creations in three separate businesses: Ron Lee: State of the Art Photography, Discover the Pathway, and RL Real Time Fashion. Lee, a world renowned state of the art photographer since the late 1980’s, shares his unique view of life with the world through visual arts. His state of art photography is still displayed in the world’s premier galleries and public venues. Lee’s passion for photography led him to patent a process for developing photographs he calls “photographic leather”. This process lends texture and warmth to a typical flat work of art giving it qualities no other developer can. Lee served proudly in the US military and his heart is still full of compassion for his fellow veterans. His charitable organization, Discover the Pathway, provides state of art photography to VA hospitals and public venues to promote healing. In addition to his photography, Lee in the past decade has turned his creative genius toward creating logo jewelry and wearable art. 745 Inc. is a diverse company with many artistic creations of exquisite craftsmanship and appeal. Collaborating with 745 Inc. would be beneficial to any company looking to expand their inventory with quality pieces of premium state of the art photography and intricate wearable art.


Ron Lee: State of the Art Photography (SOAP)

State of the Art Photography has been a staple of state of art photography in the metro Atlanta area since the late 1980’s. Lee’s innovative and visionary perspective of his surroundings produces expressively unique pieces. Coupled with his master printer distinction in printing silver gelatin black and white photographs and his own patented “photographic leather” process for printing photographs it’s no surprise his prints hang in some of the most prestigious galleries and venues in the world. Lee’s masterpieces of both subject and printing can be found proudly displayed in the Louvre in Paris, France; the Museum of Science, Industry, and Technology in Chicago, Illinois; and Concourse E, Gate 12 of the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in metro Atlanta, Georgia. As world travelers, Lee and his wife are always seeking to expand their appreciation of the Creator’s beautiful world. Lee has photographed some of the most gorgeous venues, exhibits, and vistas known to man and is currently on a mission to expand his portfolio by sojourning to new and exciting places.

Discover the Pathway (DTP)

2015-09-07 01.03.42Discover the Pathway is the heart of 745 Inc. and its Founder and CEO, Ron Lee. As a disabled veteran, Lee has a great affinity and compassion for those who suffer in VA hospitals around the country. His charitable component provides artwork to help promote emotional and mental healing. Research has shown that artwork especially nature scenes aide in healing and in the future all patients’ rooms should contain artwork to promote healing. Lee believes the future in now and healing artwork should be available to all veterans and wounded warriors. His non-profit organization provides this artwork to the hospitals thanks to generous contributions from his benefactors. Lee hopes that by providing this healing artwork, each person who views these soothing scenes will discover their own pathway to healing, peace, joy, and the perfect love of the Creator.


RL: Real Time Fashions

In addition to his professional and charitable photographic contributions to the art world, Lee has turned his creativity to fashion and wearable art. The Artist’s creations in precious metals and minerals have been extremely well received in the world of fashion. His exquisite logo jewelry currently created expressly for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. has generated much excitement at the National Convention in Texas. In addition to Delta jewelry, Lee has created intricate pieces for various branches of the US military, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., and is always envisioning new avenues for his incomparable talent.


Future Projects

745 Inc. relishes the opportunity to collaborate with other companies, venues, and galleries to enable them to procure and display The Artist’s talent to their patrons. We anxiously await the opportunity to fashion premier logo jewelry and wearable art for visionaries who seek the unusual and extraordinary as means of promoting their exceptional brand to the world. Always scanning the horizon for vistas that catch the eye of the camera lens to be developed into state of the art photography prints, The Artist cherishes events and outings where he can create relationships with other creative souls who excel in their chosen fields and expand his portfolio of work to include these magnificent places and people. Will you be one of these souls who connects with us on our journey?