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745 Inc. aspires to promote all aspects of wellness found in the visual arts. Through state of the art photography and exquisite jewelry, we desire to nurture the heart, spirit, and soul of humanity. By virtue of dedication to our Creator and His creations, 745 Inc. embodies creativity, community, and service.
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Ron Lee’s passion for photography is as timeless as his prints. The Artist prints his masterpieces on archival paper which has a life span of over a century, which enhances their longevity. Theses prints will easily become heirloom pieces treasured for generations. His chrome works have a life span of over 4,000 years. His artwork is printed using a process called dye sublimation which uses heat to create a high definition print on varied surfaces by coating them with a material known as Chroma Luxe. Chroma Luxe provides an extremely scratch resistant surface that resists warping and yellowing as it ages. Chroma Luxe also creates a waterproof surface to make cleaning with a damp cloth possible. The vivid colors produced by dye sublimation have to be seen to be fully appreciated. Art lovers for generations will appreciate the vivid colors of a dye sublimation print by The Artist, Ron Lee

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An Extensive Body of Work

With over 40 years of professional experience, Mr Ron Lee has developed an vast pool of work.
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The Portfolio of Ron Lee

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.” Helen Keller. We hope to touch your heart with these images which are best viewed with feelings.

“Lee holds dear all the traditional connotations of such an event- the making of a memento, the capturing of a complimentary likeness, and above all, the revelation of character. But, sitting before the camera lens is also hallowed as an event in itself, a ceremony whose rituals demand a traditional decorum-no intrusion on the sitter’s physical space, respect  for the sitter’s concept of self, the observance of properties which can no longer be assumed in contemporary photography. To this conservative program-focused on the event of posing-are attached non-events germane to Lee’s aesthetic. The creative activity and artwork production of his sitters are “non-events” in this context, events outside of the essential event (the taking of the photograph) itself.” Peter Morrin

Curator of 20th Century Art, High Museum of Art (Atlanta, GA)

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